Thursday, November 11, 2010

Delfi Greek Restaraunt
I am not a big fan of mass produced chain restaurants that just churn out food. I also do not always like to go to the 'Now ' place that every trendies is trying to get into. Sometimes its good to go to the old places you pass alongside the road, or to the places people tell you of and you never really get to try. We went to this place last night, often passing by and wondering what it was like inside.

Wow.  What good food. From outside it does not seem like much but inside it is warm and cosy and pale blue with low llighting.Paintings, (not just photos) of Greek street scenes are on the walls. Now I love Mediterranean food. Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Spanish and even a little Turkish. So we ventured out to this place and were greatly surprised.

We shared meze platters of Dolmades, Phyllo cheese triangles, aubergine and feta wraps, tasty olives, the nicest tomatoes wedges. needless to say these disappeared so fast.
Friends had Moussaka and a Prawn kebabs, My wife had lamb chops which said were the best and I had the special of Pastichio. This was exceptional, pasta was tasty not just pasta. i am sure that they flavour it while cooking it. Subtle herb flavours came through and to say the least it was the nicest I have had in a long time.
Our wine complement was Hartenberg Sauvignon-Blanc and we ended with Coffee and to keep with the scene, Uzo capped the evening. Thanks to the staff at Delfi we had and amazing evening. We will definatlybe returning.
386 Windernere Road

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