Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School year end Hols

Yes well the end of year school functions are coming in fast and furious. Tomorrow my 9 year old has a cultural day at school and has decided that going as a zulu (yes we in that area of the world) is just the thing to do. First they have to get dressed up in the cultural dress and then bring a plate of sweets for that culture.

Now dressing up as a Zulu girl should not be that difficult. As you can see its really just a lot of layers and beads. But my problem lies in the sweets. There is no reference to a traditional Zulu Sweet.

So I am going to improvise and make everybodies favorite: Koeksisters !!!!.

I think that I can get away with that as its sort of the Zulu/South African Fusion thing going. Ummmmless there is someone out there with a better idea on Sweet Zulu treats.

Then the other child has a Rock n Roll party on Saterday night. That means parents get roped in to do Decor and Dinner. I am on decor so we are tieing ropes and spraying colors on plastic sheeting, fitting lights, adding dukebox and bleachers to the Assembly hall. So by Sunday this should all be over and we can all take a break, That is till the last day of school arrives and Holidays turn happy calm homes into places parents want to run from. Till later then.

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