Thursday, December 30, 2010

GPS Drivers

I suppose that I am generalising, but these GPS drivers are becoming a nightmare. I live in a city where holiday makers and tourists are in abundance around this time of year. They come in hoards, driving down from the inland, patiently waiting in line at toll gates all hellbent on getting to the sea and the sand.

True not many know where they are going. So the old map sysem has faded into obscurity and enter the GPS map. Sweet little electronic lady (SEL for short), telling you where to drive, which intersection to take, left or right. All good and well if you follow what she says a little ahead of time.

This is not the first time I have come across this phenomenon, but well the first time I actually care to vent about it. It kind of disturbed my morning a bit. (Fortunatley I had already had coffee so I was not really very agrresive).

This morning I was intruiged by a family from inland, obviously lost even with the GPS. ( I know he had a GPS because I could see it attached to his front window.) The driver was a nightmare on the road, back and forth along the road, very gentlemanly indicating his chaotic course. This caused many to have to brake behind him to let him in and and then having to let him in again as he discovered that SEL had slightly misguided him or he had mixed up left from right.

So my question is, are these mapping devices really any good if you still get lost or disrupt traffic while using them? Do they really help that much? I am a firm beleiver in the Olde Mappe Sytem and plotting my course before I go out. Then I know where I am headed and am not veering in obscure directions. But hay thats just me I suppose. I vote for the old maps to come back. Anyone with me?

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