Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

Well, as this year finally gives up the ghost and moves on to where dead years go, here's hoping you all out there have had at least an enjoyable year and that the New Year will be even better. I make no resolutions but just aim to always do things I enjoy. If any resolution is to be made this would be it,

enjoy my family,
enjoy my friends,
enjoy my vacations,
enjoy my food (no real problem there),
enjoy being part of this wheel called life.

These are the things I want to do in the future. Oh, and getting a wedding ring tattoo.

I grew to fat for my wedding ring and had to cut it off (told you I enjoy my food). So I will remedy that by getting a wedding ring tattooed on my finger and then it can just grow with me. Cool and clever. Now I seek designs. Nothing to intricate, maybe a tribal design, maybe a celtic design( I feel a bit of a fraud doing that though cos there aint no Celt in this Dutchman). So any ideas would be welcome.

Any way I digress, (see how easy it is).

The purpose of this message is to wish you all a great Year end and an even greater New Year. Normal rules apply:
Be safe
Dont drink and drive
Have a lot of fun.

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