Monday, January 31, 2011


His Fiance said goodbye today,

This life was not for her,

she left with barely a hug

her loss she could not bare.

He tried to talk

He tried to reason

He tried to beg

He even broke down and cried

Her friends say she has changed

her clothes,

her hair

her makeup,

these are all on the outside new

but inside she has darkened,


steeled her heart against feeling.

She wants a new life

not happy with the old

She wants adventure now

thier happy five years have faded

Maybe she has cheated,


But she will not confess

Maybe she has started using drugs

(God know the signs are there)

But she says no

All she wants is her freedom.

her indepandance

(but she is moving back with her parents)

She wants fun

(a promotion and more work is not the way)

her home town calls for her

(but she left it because she hated it)

So confused.

The big cities bright light

it reels her in

She is leaving him now

to explore on a whim

the lights of her past,

the fun,

the laughter,

But did they not have that,

He did everything for her

For nothing did she want

He loved her intensely

In April they would have wed

Now the winter looks bleak for,

His heart, it has a hole.

inside that whole is a block of ice

freezing his very soul.

He yearns for her

night and day

and even in those inbetween times

when night and day greet and part ways.

He yearns for her with all his being,

His heart has no more blood keep it warm.

This is the end of life

I am now truly


(in memorium of lost love)

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