Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its still raining here in Durban. It has rain for the last couple of weeks with a couple days break. It rained on the Xmas weekend, It rained on Old years eve, and its still raining. I am feeling a kinship to Noah when he saw waters rising. Has anyone considered and ark? Someone selling tickets? I feel as if the 70 percent of my body that is water is evolving and becoming 90 %. The weather report looks , oh wait - WET-

durban 7 Day Extended Forecast

report location : Durban
day last updated : Wednesday 05, 04:51 Temp. Hi-Lo Wind Speed (km/ph) Humidity Comfort Level UV Index 24hr. Precip. Total Prob of rain

Wed numerous showers. Mostly Cloudy. mild. 24
22°C 20-ENE 85% 24°C low 10.8mm 88%

Thu isolated tstorms. Morning Clouds. mild. 25
20°C 21-E 69% 25°C high 3mm 40%

Fri a few showers. More Sun than clouds. mild. 25
19°C 1-NNW 78% 26°C high 1.5mm 35%

Sat Partly Sunny. mild. 28
19°C 7-NNE 80% 29°C high * 32%

Sun Partly Sunny. mild. 28
20°C 7-S 86% 30°C high * 32%

Mon a few showers. Decreasing Cloudiness. mild. 26
21°C 28-S 81% 27°C high 1.7mm 37%

Tue a few showers. More Clouds Than sun. cool. 23
20°C 19-SSE 76% 23°C high 2.1mm 42%

So needless to say its brolli time here for most of January...not our normal weather, is it? Movie 2012 comes to mind ( a movie in which I had a constant feeling of "I need to pee")here. We better start making plans to move to higher ground. I think i am going to grow some fins and gills , just in case.

Aaaaanyway I suppose its good coffee weather, so I am going to have another cup, third one so far this morning. Have a good one out there guys.

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