Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Litter everywhere

We have these amazing people her in Durban, dressed in orange designer overalls that do a tremenous job of cleaning up our streets. Especially after the holidays, when so many visiting tourists flock to the streets in busses and taxis and make a ginormous mess of the beaches and parking areas. I say a big thanks to these orange clad heroes and heroines as the brave the mess that surrounds them. What would our streets be without these good people. Is it so hard for visitors to just throw the rubbish in the bins provided by the municipality, or even keep a plastic bag in all your baggage just for the rubbish, to be dispersed of later.

Another pet hate of mine is: Dumping rubbish out of the car while driving. I detest this so much. I have become quite agressive about this, as far to many people do this too easily. Wrappers from sweets, cans, cigarette buts all come flying out the car window, not a care for environment which we all are desperatly trying to save or for the people in cars behind who have to dodge whatever may be flying at travelling speed at them.

Case in point-

The other day I stopped at a traffic light, and to my right a ute with a whole load of matresses was stopped, all waiting for the light to change. Then, low and behold the passenger door opens a crack and a hand sneaks out and gently places an empty beer can on the ground next to the ute. And the hand is withdrawn and the door closes. Well that was it...I lay on the hooter. I could see the persons face in the utes left hand mirror looking back at me.

I show my hands as if to say "and now?". It worked. This time the door opened fast and wide and the hand grapped the can back in and then went up in appology. Thank you mattress delivery man for actually picking up your rubbish. (I figure he just went to the next robot and dropped it there.)

If you have rubbish keep it in your friggin car till you get home. That is why every car has an ash tray....to put the ash and butts and wrappers in. Not the roads and streets.

I think if more of us did this then we could all contribute to cleaner sidewalks and roads.

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