Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding of a friend

Yes I am back after a long hiatus. Its been a while I know but hopefully someone out there would actually read this at some stage and I will know that I am not just a cyber space filler. Always gets me worried that. Do people actually read bloggs or do they just browse through and answer if you make a comment on their specific blogg. Hmm the unexplained again. Any way. So much has happened. and I just cannot go back all the way and recap because there is not enough time.

Suffice to say we sold our house, I was in hospital for a week( diagnosed with Bergers desease). Moved house the week after I was out. Then this last week end we had the pleasure of supplying the cupcakes to a wedding. What a grand event it was. Icing the cupcakes was a nightmare though. Wife decided she could not ice them as her nails were puncturing the plastic icing bag. So there I was, sugared up, icing 140 (ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY !!!) Cupcakes. I now officially dislike cupcakes...a LOT.
The wedding went off well with lots of dancing and fun and I took a few pictures too. So there they are.
Tell me what you thing, absolute amature here.